Parental Control Info

Not all television shows are appropriate for every age group. Many concerned parents are worried about the sort of programs that their children are viewing while they are not under the supervision of adults. Cable providers have made use of a technology which gives parents control over the content that their children view on TV.

Due to growing public concern over the controversial content being shown on some TV channels, an initiative has been taken by cable companies to put parents in charge of what their kids can see on television. Most reputable cable providers are now offering parental controls with most, if not all, of their digital cable packages. These controls are user friendly and can be activated in just a few seconds. T parental controls, a PIN Code is needed, which is usually provided by the cable provider – some providers may allow you to create your own. The pin number will be requested on certain features and/or channels that want restricted access to. You can block programs by time period, by rating or by channel.

If you need help in setting up parental controls, the best thing to do is to call your cable company and ask for technical support. I can provide you with a starting point: On the remote control provided by your cable company, press the menu button and look for either settings, the actual term parental control, or the parental control icon which is usually a lock. From there it should be fairly easy and all you need is that pin code to make any changes.